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Skhidnytsia is a balneological resort named after Omelyan Stotskiy.


The spa resort Skhidnytsia is located in the valley near the bank of the mountain river Skhidnychanka. It's about 21 km from the regional centre Drohobych (120 km from Lviv).


Mountains covered with coniferous and deciduous trees, that surround resort create a unique picture of the Carpathian scene. The climate of the resort is warm-temperate and damp. The resort attracts numerous tourists at any time of year, so far as fresh mountain air, saturated with aroma of pine-wood tar, has a health-improving effect on a human body the whole year round.


The history of Skhidnytsia as a resort started in the 60-ies of the XX century when its resident engineer discovered mineral water springs like «Naftusia». In 1976 Skhidnytsia was recognized as a resort. There are 38 mineral spings, 17 wells with different chemical composition of water in Skhidnytsia. Mineral springs of Skhidnytsia are unique in Europe.


Mineral Springs of Skhidnytsia

Spring №1

This is hydro-carbonate-sodium-calcium water. Doctors advise to use this water for treatment of such diseases: urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic pyelocystitis of non tuberculosis derivation and diseases of biliary ducts system.

Spring №2

This is hydro-carbonate-sodium water of medium mineralization (like Borjomy, Poliana Kvasova). Physiologically this kind of water “2-s” influences on pH balance, facilities decreasing of acid production by stomach glands. It is very helpful for treatment of gastritis with hyper and normal acidity, ulcerative disease, chronic pancreatitis, colitis.

Spring №3

This is law sour hydro-carbonate-calcium water of law mineralization. This water has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory function, ameliorates blood circulation, in case of kidneys law function facilities recovery of kidneys normal functioning.

Spring № 8, 9, 10 (pump-room)

These are hydro-carbonate-calcium waters. They are recommended in treatment of liver and biliary ducts diseases (chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic hepatitis) and pathology of urethral canals and kidneys (urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis). This water increases diuretic and filtration function of kidneys.

Spring №13

This is hydro-carbonate-calcium water. By its physico-chemical properties water from this spring is similar to that from the spring 15.  This water changes secretory function of the stomach glands with different intensity, increases production of pepsin. Ions of iron II valence as the specific generator of blood accelerate production of erythrocytes and are original building materials for the haemoglobin. This water facilities radionuclide getting out from the human organism.

Spring №15

Water from this spring is rich in iron, carbonic acid and manganese. There aren’t analogues of this source in Ukraine. Water from this unique spring is recommended in treatment of chronic diseases of stomach with hypoacidity followed by anaemies and others kinds of anaemies, after bleedings and late chlorosis. This water is useful for radionuclide getting out from the human organism.

Spring №25, 26

By its physico-chemical properties hydro-carbonate-sulphate-calcium-manganese waters of law mineralization from these sources have all characteristic groups of microorganisms for waters like Naftusia. They are recommended in treatment of kidneys diseases and after infectious jaundice.


Excellent conditions for rest and comprehensive treatment of multiple diseases using remedies such as mineral water for internal and external use, ozocerite therapy, physical therapy, and special healthful Carpathian air are created in Skhidnytsia. You have an opportunity not only to have a good rest, but also to restore your health in modern medical centers. Recreation in Skhidnytsia it is a chance to enjoy the beautiful mountains scenery of Ukraine, skiing, and snowboarding, snow tubing, flying in balloons, visit a variety of excursions and just have a great time.

Skhidnytsia is a resort in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains!