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The well-know resort town,  famous for its mineral springs!


The well-know resort town, famous for its mineral springs!

Accommodation and treatment

Truskavets is a unique balneological resort of Ukraine, one of the oldest health resorts in Europe.


It is situated in a picturesque valley of the Eastern Carpathians, at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, within 100 km distance south from Lviv. It is a town of special natural beauty with crystal clear air, situated among charming slanting woody slopes and swift rivers.The mild climate, unique Carpathian nature, mountain scenes, peace and quiet are waiting for you in Truskavets.


Resort Truskavets is known since 1827, when Yosyp Mitsevsyy built a small house for bathing. The first research on the content of mineral water was done by the Lviv scientist, pharmacist and chemist Theodore Torosevich in 1836. However, medicinal properties of Truskavets mineral waters were known long before. The first to describe them was the king doctor Voitsekh Ochko in 1578, serious research of the resort was conducted by the German researchers N. Fikhtel and B. Khake. In 1892 there were made facilities for inhalation of Vashmut system. Railway connection was launched in 1909 when small railway station was built. Since that time the town has direct railway connection with Lviv as well as with Vienna, Krakow, Poznan, Prague, Warsaw and Berlin.


Today Truskavets is a modern balneal resort of international level with a well-developed infrastructure of rest and treatment. Only here among wonderful mountain landscapes you can practice in archery outdoors, play tennis, bowling and billiards, visit water parks, saunas and beauty salons, and at the same time, try the progressive methods of effective rejuvenation of the body. There are modern medical SPA-centres in Truskavets, where health programs contribute to the improvement of the body and increase life expectancy. At your service more than three hundred of  medical and  preventive procedures in 70 sanatoriums.The resort has an extensive base of mineral springs such as worldwide known unique water «Naftusya», heavy stocks of salt «Barbara», which is the analog of famous Carlsbad mineral salt, the only one in the world deposits of mineral wax – ozokerite.


Mineral springs of Truskavets are frequently used in the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal tract, to improve digestion, treat respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal diseases and even skin diseases, improve general vitality and normalize metabolism.


Truskavets Mineral Springs

Spring «Naftusia»

Hydrocarbonate, magnesium-calcium, low mineralized water with a high content of organic matter of oil origin. It has a diuretic, bile-expelling, spasmolytic and anaesthetic effect. The water eliminates inflammatory processes in the kidneys, urine tubes, liver, bowels, etc. Owing to the immunomodulating action it restores the protective power of the organism,  prevents oncological diseases.

Spring № 1«Maria»

Chloride-sulfate-sodium water. It reduces gastric secretion, stimulates the motor function of the bowels, improves bile formation and bile secretion, helps to rarefy slime and discharge it from the stomach as well as reduce the inflammation process and spastic effects of the digestive tract.

Spring № 2 «Sofia»

Mineral chloride-sulphat-sodium water.  It is used successfully for treatment diseases of digestive organs. It stimulates gastric secretion. The water has a strong choleretic action, it normalizes the motor function of the stomach and bowels, and improves metabolism.

Spring №3 «Bronislava»

Chlorine-sodium water. It is used for treatment of upper airways, gargling and nasal douche.

Spring «Yuzia»

A source of beauty. It contains many components and has low mineralization and very low hardness. Its natural glycerin content rejuvenates the skin and makes it extraordinarily smooth and elastic. Yuzya influences beneficial on eyes and skin.


Truskavets attracts a great number of tourists every year and those who wish to recover their health from all over Ukraine and from abroad. Tourism infrastructure of the city is  constantly developing and improving. Recreation in  Truskavets is prestigious and rewarding.

Truskavets is a resort of dreams!