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Health Resort JSC «Truskavetskurort»


Health Resort JSC «Truskavetskurort»

Infrastructure and Services

  • Chemist
  • Cash machine
  • Bar
  • Library
  • Conference hall
  • Shop
  • Massage room

Health resort Vesna is one of the most popular health resorts of Ukraine, 500 people have a possibility to rest and improve their health at the same time. Existence of healing mineral springs, medical base and highly trained staff  on the territory of health center maintain its status of Ukrainian recreation center in terms of  diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases. Health resort Vesna is located not far from the well room  in the central part of Truskavets.


Medical base of health resort Vesna consists of two herapeutic and one urology department, clinical and biochemical laboratories, dental, massage, physical therapy, radiology, urology rooms, functional diagnostic room and physical therapy room. The only rehabilitation centre for the patients operated on biliary duct functions here.


The complex offers specialised diagnosis and treatment for a variety of medical conditions, such as kidney and urinary tract diseases, respiratory system, locomotor system and metabolic diseases.


All guests of the health resort  Vesna  receive treatment  in modern rehabilitation and diagnostic SPA-center «Med Palace». «Med Palace» consists of diagnostics centre, hydropathic and SPA-centre.

There is a conference hall, gym, a concert hall and cafe.