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The company «WAM TRAVEL»  is a new name on the market of travel industry of Truskavets. Every time when we visit some tourist place or would like to go somewhere, we make a wish. A wish to return here again, to discover something new, to learn a new culture, new customs, new traditions…We are overtaken by irresistible desire of adventures, travelling, new stories and discoveries.


If you carefully look at our company’s logo, you’ll see that it has the shape of flower petals. Not the usual flower, but colorful. Perhaps as colorful as our bright, unique and interesting life…


Travelling with us, discovering new horizons, unknown before….


We offer you to make a wish….Wish which will definitely come true… Travel! Discover something new! Make your life more interesting! We will do everything on our part, so that you would like to travel again and again!


Make a wish! It will come true for sure...