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Lithotripsy in Truskavets

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is a low traumatic treatment of urolithiasis

Urologists widely use extracorporeal lithotripsy as optimal and low traumatic treatment of urolithiasis in Truskavets. There is a specialized rehabilitation urological department for patients with urolithiasis and two centers of extracorporeal lithotripsy at the resort.


Modern lithotripsy machine Dornier (Germany) is used to treat renal and ureteral calculi. Patient undergoes a period of rehabilitation after crushing stones in the kidney at the resort. This method helps to speed up the passage of calculi fragments (sones), the elimination of the inflammatory process in the kidneys and reduce the concentration of salts in the urine.


Treatment results with ESWL  shows benefits of the rehabilitation at the resort Truskavets. 5% are found to be free of stones within one month when taking treatment outside Truskavets and 75% are found to be free of stones within three-four weeks of SWL treatment.