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Treatment of urolithiasis in Truskavets

Urolithiasis is indicated for treatment at the resort Truskavets

Urolithiasis is indicated for treatment  at the resort Truskavets. The total number of patients with urolithiasis is increasing. Patients with urolithiasis constitute about 40% of patients with urological problems. Moreover, about half of them have a tendency to recurrent stone formation.


Truskavets is a well-known resort town, famous for its spring Naftusia. The spring has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulating, detoxication, metabolic and adaptogenic effect. Various forms of urolithiasis, particularly with the presence of calculus in the urinary tract, with a tendency to passage of calculus, after surgical intervention for stones may be treated in Truskavets. Its immunomodulatory effect helps to resist inflammatory processes in kidneys.


Modern diagnostic base and qualified specialists ensure full medical check up, an accurate diagnosis and  effective sanatorium-and-spa treatment.


Treatment methods - drinking cure, diet regime, baths, hydrotherapy, underwater massages, ozocerite therapy, different types of physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage together with an individual curative program, are utilized subjects for the improvement of the patient´s health condition.