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Terrain cure in the sanatorium-resort therapy

Terrain cure is dosed ascent

Terrain cure is a method of spa treatment dosed climbing on marked trails, a form of physiotherapy. It is based on  the systematic use of physical exercises in the form of daily dosed walking along paths. The comfortable footpaths for terrain cure and routes for walk are made at the resort.


Walking is used as a therapeutic measure, especially in diseases of the heart. It imrpoves organ function,  tissues metabolism and muscular system. The terrain therapy results in a normalization of the vegetative organ system: the heart and circulation system works more efficiently, the breathing is encouraged and muscles, joints and bands are strengthened. The entire metabolism is influenced in a positive way, digestion is activated and the burning of calories is markedly increased. This terrain cure is an especially valuable offer for patients with heart and circulation problems.

Therapeutic walking improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, speeds up the combustion of sugar and fat. There is a tendency to improvement of water-salt metabolism: prevents precipitation of salts in sediment, removes salts in the urine, especially in combination with drinking of "Naftusia".


The network of walking paths can provide ways of different difficulty reaching from weak to medium resilient. Treatment is supervised by a physician. Depending on the condition for which treatment is sought, specific limits are set on the extent of the treatment.