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Treatment in Truskavets will allow you to deal with chronic cholecystitis

You can get rid of these unwanted effects by taking Naftusya mineral water treatment course.

Painful sensations, feeling of heaviness and oppression in the right hypochondrium, unpleasant morning bitterness in the mouth. You can get rid of these unwanted effects by taking  Naftusya mineral water treatment course.


Every third person in Ukraine suffers from chronic cholecystitis. Treatment in Truskavets resort will help you to overcome this disease and prevent related complications such as chronic pancreatitis, chronic hepatitis and gallstones formation.


Only such compound homeopathic medicine, as Naftusya mineral water, created by nature itself, will restore imbalance of gallbladder function and liver function, normalize basic chemical and physical bile acid values. Ozokerite therapy and mineral baths will improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the liver and in the gallbladder and will reduce inflammation.


Physiotherapeutic procedures, therapeutic exercises will help you to forget your problems with gallbladder for quite a long time.