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Mineral water Naftusia will help to get rid of kidney stones

Kidney stones are heavy burden

Kidney stones are heavy burden. People say: Enough stones to build a house! You got rid of renal stones. What's next? The illness does not leave you. You may ask: "Why is so?" This happens because factors that caused kidney stones to appear were not treated, notably: liver disease, pancreas disease and gastroenterological disorders, metabolic imbalance and local factors (infection, urination disorders, blood circulation disorder and lymph flow disorder).


You want to be healthy, full of energy, cheerful, without pain and urinary disorders?


Welcome to Truskavets! Mineral water Naftusia is the basis of therapeutic procedures, water promotes daily micturition, reduces or eliminates inflammatory processes and normalises liver function, pancreas function and gastrointestinal function, helps excreting salts and small stones from urinary system.


You'll get energy boost for the whole year!