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If you have signs of pancreatitis, sanatorium-resort treatment will help you

If you have problems with the pancreas, visit Truskavets

If you feel heaviness, pain and swelling in the stomach, repeated nausea after eating fatty, fried or spicy food or consuming alcohol, all these events indicate the signs of pancreatitis.


Our doctors will perform the full assessment, ensure accurate diagnosis and prescribe you the individual course of spa therapy, taking into account treatment phase, pancreatitis compensatory stage and concomitant pathology of gastrointestinal tract. Laboratory, x-ray and ultrasonic methods of assessment will help our specialists to obtain valid results.


If you have problems with pancreas and standard therapy does not help, and your doctor advises you spa treatment, come to Truskavets. We are sure that resort therapy combined together with full recreation activities will spare your pancreas for a long time.