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Travel company WAM Travel launched WAM TRAVEL CLUB in order to provide more favorable and beneficial terms of your vacation and developed a saving bonus discount program for clients.


Every customer who made use of tourist services of WAM Travel became a member of WAM TRAVEL CLUB. The participant of  WAM TRAVEL CLUB is given a plastic discount card of club member after filling in the application.

Why should you fill in the application?

Personal data may be used  in order to inform the customer about special offers, discount programs and other useful information. Every discount card has its serial number, which is added to the general database of discount card holder. The card is not a payment card and couldn’t be transmitted to others. In case of loss or damage of discount card holder may renew it by contacting company via phone +3803247 55-00-6 or send email info@wam.travel

The WAM TRAVEL CLUB card entitles you to:

a discount on tourist services at the rate of 3% to 5%*
a discount at the rate of 10% when paying your bill in the establishments of our partners

The discount program of WAM TRAVEL CLUB

The discount program entitles our customers to a discount not only on tourist services, but also from our partners. You will automatically get a 3% discount on your account  after the first trip with travel company WAM Travel, which you may use during your next trip. The amount of your discount increases by 0.5% after each subsequent usage of company’s services and it is added to your account if duration of your trip is 10 days. The card discount doesn’t apply on  promotional, hot and special offers.



I trip
Discount card

- 3%

II trip

- 3,5%

III trip

- 4%

IV trip

- 4,5%

V trip

- 5%

VI trip



The travel company cooperates with numerous restaurant, entertainment, recreational establishments, which are the partners of our company. The members of «WAM TRAVEL CLUB» get a 10% discount when paying their bill in the establishments of our partners under the terms of the discount program. A list of our partners can be found in the letter insert, on the back of the card and on the website of the company .


* Discount doesn't apply on the following health resorts and hotels: Perlyna Prykarpattia, Pivdennyi, Piatyi Okean, Dvoryk Leva, Sani, Nabi, Khelli and Solamia