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New «Resort Tariff 2013»

The new «Resort Tariff 2013» in «Rixos-Prykarpattya»

Additional diagnostics, an expanded range of services, support of the attending doctor, the cost of the tariff remained unchanged. «Resort tariff» all necessary for the qualitative improvement of your health and recreation.

Resort tariff procedures from 7 days of stay

Section 1. Doctors’ advices
Maintenance of the attending doctor (at least three visits weekly)

Consultation of physical therapist

Consultation of dentist


Section 2. Diagnostics
Complete blood count

Common urine analysis

Biochemical blood analysis - glucose
Comprehensive analysis of lipid metabolism of blood (triglycerides, cholesterol, high-density lipoproteins, low-density lipoproteins, atherogeneity index)


Section 3. Physiotherapeutic procedures

Analgesia medicamental (electrophoresis)

Electrical muscle toning (treatment)

Electrical muscle relaxation

Electrical muscle relaxation + vacuum therapy

Electrical muscle toning (treatment) + vacuum therapy

Electrical myoanalgesia + vacuum therapy


Microwave therapy

Piler - therapy

Vacuum therapy

Laser therapy

Over the vein laser therapy

Rectal laser therapy

Ultrasonic therapy

Electro ultrasonic therapy


Section 4. Balneological procedures

Aroma baths with oil

for the respiratory apparatus


for the musculoskeletal system

for vascular tone increase

for the nervous system

Carbonic bath

Ozone bath + hydromassage

Mud mineral ozone bath + hydromassage

Pearl bath + aromatherapy

Mud mineral pearl bath + color therapy

Pearl bath + colortherapy + aromatherapy

Naphthalan bath

Bath with the Poltava bischofite

Hydro-massage of pelvis and lower extremities with aroma oil

Hydrolaser gums irrigation

Section 5. Additional procedures

Oxygen foam

wild rose

pomegranate juice



with eucalyptus

a mixture of herbs and menthol

Wax therapy



Rectal tampons with Saki mud


Section 6. Hydrotherapy




Resort tariff procedures from 14 days of stay (additionally)

Section 1. Doctor's advice

Consultation of urologist or a gynecologist


Section 2. Diagnostics

Ultrasonic diagnostics of organs of the gastrointestinal tract or ultrasonic diagnostics of urinary organs (one parameter)

One tumor marker

Resort tariff procedures from 21 days of stay (additionally)

Section 1. Doctor's advice

Consultation of a cardiologist


Section 2. Diagnostics

Biochemical blood analysis 16 parameters

Cardio-test (test with dosed physical activity)


Basic Spa treatment at the Medical center:

facilities of Sections 1, 2 and 6 are appointed by the physician at the first reception

course of treatment includes one procedure a day of the sections 3,4,5 (total three procedures a day).


The Resort Tariff includes:

•  accommodation, according to the chosen room category

•  3 meals a day in the restaurant «MAXIMUS» («buffet»)

•  basic Spa treatment at the Medical center

•  visiting the SPA-center «SPA TERRA»(swimming pool, sauna, gym)

services of a children's room

•  parking